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Indiana Contractors, Inc. hosted a series of interviews with Andy Martone addressing the Teamsters Central States Pension Fund and withdrawal liability.

In this YouTube video series, Andy and George Sheraw, Director of Labor Relations at ICI, discussed the situation surrounding the Central States Pension Fund and contractor withdrawal liability.

Part 1 of the Series
Andy and George touch on 5 options for employers to consider with the impending insolvency of Central States pension fund.

Part 2 of the Series
Andy dives into the risks and rewards of employer options for the impending pension fund insolvency.

Part 3 of the Series
The topics of mass withdrawal and construction industry exemption are covered by Andy and George.

Part 4 of the Series
Myths are dispelled and triggers are explained regarding partial withdrawal liabilities, fund insolvency, and excise taxes

Part 5 of the Series
Teamsters local withdrawal liability and bankruptcy are discussed by Andy and George, and they open the floor for contractors to ask questions for a bonus episode.