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Of the infinite number of charitable causes to support, HesseMartone finds special importance in Little Wishes.

The Foster & Adoptive Care Coalition’s Little Wishes program gives foster children in the metropolitan St. Louis region the opportunity to ask for a special gift or experience. Last year alone, donors granted more than 3,700 Wishes – enabling every single foster child in the St. Louis Metropolitan Area to receive a gift. Some children wish for tangible items like books and toys while other children request funding for dance lessons. 

Morgan Taylor, a HesseMartone attorney, coordinated the firm’s 2019 contribution to the Little Wishes Holiday Program. This year, as it has in years past, the firm granted several wishes for bikes. This year’s bike donations focused on older foster children. “For someone who is 19 and aging out of the foster care system, a bike is more than just a toy and can be used for transportation. It can give them the autonomy and ability to work and get to school,” said Morgan when explaining why she chose to fulfill the wishes of older children.  

This year, the firm granted multiple “experience” wishes, including tickets to the St. Louis Blues and the Fox Theatre. Morgan goes on to share her thoughts when carefully coordinating the company’s donations: “In my mind I was trying to think if I was a child in foster care awaiting adoption, what would be most meaningful to me. An experience is far more meaningful than a toy and is also more practical. Based on how often a child is switching homes, a tangible item may or may not make it with them to the next home – an experience is something that stays with them. From my childhood, I don’t remember many of the toys that I had, but I do remember my first Blues game.”

Additionally, the firm’s 2019 donations fulfilled particularly unique wishes. “Only one student asked for prom and only one asked for senior portraits. I feel like if that’s the only thing you’re asking for, then it must be important to you.” 

Andy Martone gets his firm involved each year and continues to focus on donating bikes and meaningful experiences. Starting each year in late November, and continuing through December, the Little Wishes program is transformed into the Little Wishes Holiday Program.  The program is once again calling on the generosity and kindness of our community to grant Little Wishes.

Join HesseMartone by donating to Little Wishes: