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On June 19, 1995, a very small law firm opened its doors for the very first time in Clayton. It was a shotgun-style office with four attorneys, three secretaries (back when attorneys did not do their own typing!), a tiny library, a few file cabinets, one copier, no dishwasher — pretty much your basic office at the beginning. Gradually the client base grew, as did the number of attorneys. The Firm moved upstairs to a much bigger office and business took off from there! After a while, because there was no more room to expand in the Clayton office, the Firm moved to West County to an even bigger office. And after that move, the Firm grew even more, both here in St. Louis and then with branch offices in Arizona and Illinois. Guess what? Once again, we moved to our current space!

Long story short — the Firm has successfully grown over the past 19 years. Cheers for the past and future success for all!

Linda Boyer
HesseMartone Office Administrator